Rest in Peace
- Stevo -
Steven R. Jensen
1959 - 2005
A memorial service was held Saturday August 27th. Most of Stevo's remains were committed to the ocean he loved so well, there near one of his favorite dive spots. Stevo's mother Millie has a beautiful description of the ceremony on page 6 of the guestbook here
Los Angeles
Memorial service will be held Sunday September 4th at 1 Edendale Grill.
2838 Rowena Ave, L.A. CA, 90039.
Phone 323-666-2000, Map click here.
Long Beach
Memorial Tribute to Steven "Stevo" Jensen
DiPiazza'sRestaurant, Lounge and Niteclub
Sunday, September 11, 2005
In the evening
Check the calendar at:
or call DiPiazza's for more information.
Performances by friends and special guests.
Please sign the guestbook


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